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Update - March

Autumn has had a whirlwind few months with a lot of amazing trips, and a couple unfortunate bone fractures. But she’s home now and doing fantastically. So great, in fact that the doctors are curious as to why and how.

Our lovely Doctor at SickKids phoned the other day and told us maybe (just maybe!) Autumn has had a delayed reaction to the last treatment she had back in October. They want to do another full body scan to see if there may be a chance of some other treatments. If that therapy in October did work, that means her body might respond to something else.

We don’t have a scan date yet but we’re hoping in the next few weeks! Send her your love and prayers and good joo-joo vibes as much as you can!

In the mean time, Autumn has been having a great time with her family and even has some play dates coming up with friends.

And thank you to everyone who donated blood in Autumn’s name - and it’s always not too late to do it, if you haven’t!

- mom of Princess A

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