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Mother's Day

Happy early Mommy’s Day to each and every mom, step-mom and anyone who plays the role of mom!

It’s been a hot minute since the last update, so I thought I’d come over and share one with you!

Autumn had a biopsy done this week on a mass that seems to be growing on her chest. The reason for the biopsy is to see if this cancerous mass has a different genetic marker, and how it could potentially help SickKids and oncologists find new patterns that could eventually lead to helping cure Neuroblastoma in children. Her next full body scan is scheduled for June 23rd.

We had a couple of emergency visits at SickKids in Toronto, Grand River in Kitchener and McMaster Children’s in Hamilton over the last few days, as Autumn presented with a fever of 39 due to the anesthesia. The next day, she swelled up in the face and eyes and ended up with conjunctivitis (why not, right?).

She’s been enjoying this beautiful weather, spending a lot of time playing with friends and drawing a lot of beautiful pictures. For those of you that have spent time with her, you have seen the incredible energy and resilience this child has, always up for an adventure. She’s growing so much, and she’s been such a loving child, sister and friend! Autumn will be enjoying a few days at Great Wolf Lodge next week and is super excited to go swimming!

Enjoy these few pictures, and we’ll keep in touch soon!

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