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Toronto Raptors

Thanks to Make-A-Wish and an anonymous donor, Autumn and I were invited to our first ever Toronto Raptors game, and we were so lucky to have the most memorable, amazing night in our courtside seats.

Autumn met some absolutely amazing people, who were so generous to her. She was definitely the hit of the party, and everyone had their eye on her.

She met a former WNBA player, sat behind Auston Matthews, got to sit in the first row, was up on the big screen, met the cheerleaders, The Raptor; some generous man even arrived with two bags full of Raptors swag just for her. Everyone wanted to be around her and take pictures with her, so much so that people thought she was a celebrity (which, clearly, she is).

Thank you so much to this anonymous donor who wanted to make sure that Autumn and I had the most amazing time. We are so incredibly lucky and we will never forget this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Oh.. and the Raptors won, so that’s even better!

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