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Surgery - June 29 2022


Good afternoon everyone!

I’m proud to say that Autumn’s surgery was a SUCCESS!!!

Our little princess went in for her surgery at 8am this morning, and about 5 hours later we received the call to say that everything was completed. 3 surgeons were there to assist and they were able to remove 95% of her tumour (which is a lot more than expected). They were expecting her ribs to have to be broken, and they were worried that the tumour was pressing on her esophagus and lung, but no ribs were broken and the tumour ended up not pressing on any organ.

She will be recovering for the next 24 hours (or more) in the ICU @ SickKids.

Autumn is a strong, devoted, amazing and resilient child, and today was no exception. We are so proud of her and we are so thankful to the team of doctors, surgeons and nurses who took care of our little princess.

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