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Wedding and Hawaii - December 23, 2022

December 4th was Autumn’s big party (also referred to as Karl and Sarah’s wedding by some…)

And December 12th she flew out to Hawaii with her mom and new stepdad. Autumn loved Maui and was so sad to leave! She hasn’t been in water or a bath more than 5” deep in almost a year because of her CVL line placed in her chest. Our wonderful friend Michelle Schaefer suggested Second Skin to put over the bandages. SHE SWAM EVERYDAY!!

Our brave girl was nervous with the ocean at first and then became more and more comfortable as the week went on. We are so proud of her. She even did some snorkeling in the pool!

She loves digging holes at the beach - and being buried in sand!

Autumn also had a wonderful appetite and even tried some new foods (WOW).

Our little one is living life to the absolute fullest and we’re making sure of it. Some days it’s a beach far away but most days it’s the precious time we spend with her at home doing our regular things.

It’s Autumn’s world and we’re so lucky to be living in it

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