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May Long Weekend Update - May 20, 2022

Happy Friday (of a long weekend for most of you) and hope everyone had a great week.

Today was quite a huge day for our little princess Autumn, as she had an appointment at #SickKids for a tooth extraction. Her two upper front teeth had to be removed before her high-dose chemotherapy started as there was a tiny cavity that may have caused an infection in the future. Now, to say she wasn’t a happy camper is an understatement, BUT, she’s back at home and enjoying some chocolate for dessert, and ready to have a great evening playing Barbie’s with Karl (my dream come true…).

Autumn starts her final round of chemotherapy this coming Tuesday, and has a tentative surgery date of June 20th to remove the tumour in her body. After a bit of rest following her surgery, she will head to Daddy and Rachel’s and then she’ll begin her first of two rounds of high-dose chemotherapy where each round consists of 30 days inpatient-admission at SickKids and 30 days of rest at home.

I wanted to also mention - since Mommy and Karl have to drive approximately 1h45 minutes to go to SickKids, we will most likely be spending our 30 days of high-dose chemo at Ronald McDonald House Toronto. Please visit their page, and their charity, as if it were not for them, our commute and travel to and from the hospital would be a lot more complex and difficult. They provide so much GOOD and LOVE to families and children, they are definitely worth the shoutout.

Another big THANK YOU to Settlers Creek Band and The Stampede Ranch for having our little warrior practice her line dancing, and to Lexi Nelson and Melisa Maria for making this a wonderful evening! (See pictures and videos attached)!!

Thanks to everyone for continuing to follow Autumn’s journey and adventures. We are SOOO proud of our little princess and so thankful to each and every one of you!

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