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It's Update Time!

Well everyone, it's definitely time for an update!

First and foremost, we must apologize - it's been quite a long time since the last update (I think the last one was in June), however it's been quite the hectic few months, and I don't think we've stayed still for more than a couple of minutes since then.

A lot has definitely happened with our little princess Autumn since we last updated you, from every angle. But first, let's give you an update on her cancer journey.

No news means good news, right?

As you may know, Autumn was heading back to SickKids Hospital in Toronto every two to three months for her MIBG scan, which showed us that the cancer was still there. However, it had not improved or worsened, which we took as a win. It's not something we quite understood; we can find reasoning as to why it would get better or why it would get worst, but it was a mystery for us to understand why the cancer was stable/dormant.

Her doctors were as surprised as we were; no one could actually understand or come up with a reason as why there was no movement. Her oncologists then advised us that they would schedule a time for Autumn to complete a few more scans, including a PET scan, which would not only confirm the location of the cancer cells in her body, but also to what degree and intensity.

Her additional scans were scheduled for September, and as always, Autumn was a champ. Compared to her first scan a while back, these ones were a breeze. SickKids is so wonderful in making her feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible, and now that Autumn is a little older and more mature, she makes the best of her experiences there, and we are SOOOOO proud of her!

Unfortunately, these scans came back with some "not-so-great" news; her cancer has developed to a few more areas in her body, as well as returning to some of her bones. Her doctors, however, have a plan, and we're charging forward at 110%.

1 year

On October 15, 2022, her oncologists at SickKids had advised us that Autumn only had a few months left. However, today is October 22, 2023. It has been more than ONE YEAR since that announcement, and we continue to cherish every single moment with our little girl. She is making such a difference in our lives and we are incredibly proud of her resilience, her power and determination, and most of all, her courage in staying strong. That, on its own, is a win. And we continue to celebrate every single day!

Radiation (MIBG) Now that there has been some development with the cancer cells in her body, Autumn will be starting a new round of generalized radiation in November. This is the same MIBG radiation treatment that she went through last year. Since the doctors believe that the stabilizing of her cancer was possibly due to a late-effect of the previous MIBG treatment, we decided, as a family, to have her start a new round sooner than later, as she is still strong and "healthy". We will definitely be keeping you updated during the treatment, on her progress.

Now... enough with the fuc*ing cancer talk. Let's talk about Autumn...

Our little princess has had quite the busy few months; from having so many play-dates this summer, to starting Grade 1 at school, to having her 6th birthday, and SO MUCH MORE!

Now as you all know, Autumn has a HUGE family. She has spent some amazing, quality time with each and every one of them. She has been such an amazing big sister to Olivia. Autumn started Grade 1 at École L'Odyssée in Guelph, and she was super excited to finally have her own desk. She was so happy to reconnect with her friends from Kindergarten and she has made some amazing new friends as well. She has spent A LOT of time going to an indoor play place (and that's where we had her birthday party as well).

This summer, Autumn also spent a week at Campfire Circle, a nonprofit oncology camp that supports kids and families affected by childhood cancer. She made some wonderful new friends, including kids and camp counselors, did so many crafts, swam and went on boat rides. We are so thankful to these camps, and if you want to help and volunteer or support, visit

Convenience Industry Council of Canada A few months ago, Autumn was invited to meet Ontario Premier Doug Ford, as part of a partnership with Make-A-Wish Canada and the Convenience Industry Council of Canada, to promote the importance of wishes to children in need, as well as highlighting the efforts of the CICC in making these wishes come true. Premier Ford was very sweet and nice to Autumn, and spent some time chatting with her and making her feel comfortable.

Guelph Gryphons Women's Lacrosse

One of Autumn's best friends, Catherine, is part of the University of Guelph Gryphons Women's Lacrosse team. Catherine and her teammates have done so much for our little Autumn, even doing their own blood drive in her name. More recently, the Gryphons Lacrosse Team all wore Team Autumn shirts during their warmup, and invited Autumn and her family to be part of the game. Autumn had such an amazing time, and we cannot thank these girls enough for making her feel like she's part of the team.

HockeyGivesBlood and Guelph Storm Autumn was also invited to be the guest of honour at the OHL Guelph Storm hockey game, thanks to Canadian Blood Services, HockeyGivesBlood and Autumn would not be here today if it wasn't for the regular blood donors that donate, and all of us have become a strong voice in getting people to donate blood. Autumn was invited on the ice for the ceremonial face-off, while a full crowd at the Sleeman Centre in Guelph cheered her on. **We even asked her if she wanted us on the ice with her, and she said no, she wanted to do this all by herself**

Ontario Police College Fundraiser We are extremely proud to say that over 550 police recruits and instructors, from all across Ontario, attending the Ontario Police College this fall, are raising money in support of Team Autumn, helping find a cure and helping neuroblastoma research at SickKids Hospital in Toronto. From boot polishing to raffles, to pod cleaning and selling Team Autumn merchandise, and organizing events during the fall, these wonderful recruits and instructors have opened up their hearts, and we are so incredibly thankful.

A special thank you to Constable Watson with Halton Regional Police, Constable Teeter with Waterloo Regional Police, Constable Brooks with Peel Police and Sergeant Hass with Ottawa Police, who work extremely hard and have such a big heart, helping with all the fundraising events.

Make-A-Wish Autumn has been invited by Make-A-Wish Canada to the Trees of Joy event in Toronto next month, where, thanks to amazing donors, Autumn will be able to decorate her own Christmas tree of joy, the way she wants it and envisions her dreams. The tree will then be shipped to Autumn's home before Christmas!

Well... that's it for now. I probably have forgotten a million and a half things here, and I am sorry for that. But I think we can all agree, Autumn is creating such a wave of change and awareness to so many organizations around this province and country, and we are so incredibly proud of who she is, who she has become and what she represents. She is growing to be a remarkable, passionate, loving and kind human being, and she continues to make us happy and smile, every single day.

Thank you!!

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