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Diagnosis - February 2022

As most of you know, our little 4-year-old Autumn was diagnosed in February of 2022 with Stage Four High-Risk Metastatic Neuroblastoma, an uncommon form of pediatric cancer.

So many of you have followed her updates either through the GoFundMe page (a HUGE thank you again for all your donations), or from our respective Facebook pages, texts or emails. As the GoFundMe has closed, we are no longer able to provide updates through that site, so we thought it would be more practical to post Autumns updates on this Facebook group for all of her family, friends and supporters to see.

We will post as many updates as we can as well as pictures of her and her adventures as she battles and fights.

We are thankful for the hundreds and thousands of people who send us love and thoughts and prayers, and we appreciate that you keep Autumn and her entire family in your thoughts.

Welcome to our family!

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