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Cheeseburger Happy Meal NO Pickles - May 30, 2022

Good evening everyone!

It’s been 10 days since the last update, but let me tell you, it’s been quite a busy week and a half. We’re happy to announce that Autumn is at home with Daddy, Rachel and Olivia, ready to celebrate her sisters 1st birthday on Wednesday.

Not an hour after I posted the last update, Autumn was rushed to SickKids for a fever following her teeth extraction. After running some blood work, nurses and doctors determined that most likely the surgery in her mouth had caused the fever, and since her blood work showed no signs of trouble, Autumn was able to return home at 4:30am.

On Tuesday the 24th, she started her fifth round of chemotherapy. Dad, Mom, Rachel and myself were able to each spend some time with her in the hospital, even if it was just for a few hours. Other than a few hours of throwing up, she had great energy; able to manipulate her way into getting her Cheeseburger Happy Meal almost every day, until she was able to go home on Friday.

While in the hospital, she learned how to play Guess Who, she went to Starbucks every morning with Mommy, and she can now be a SickKids certified tour guide as she knows her way around the entire hospital.

Today, May 30th, Rachel and myself had the absolute pleasure and honour to be alongside Autumn as she was back in the hospital for routine blood work. After a few tests, it was determined that she needed another blood transfusion (#7 or 8-ish, we’ve lost count), which she received this afternoon. It was a long day in the hospital for little Autumn, but as always, she’s a champ. She had full of energy, played with the Child Life Specialists, ate some McDonalds (shocker…) and had plenty of iPad time.

Enjoy the pictures and videos, and until the next update, have a wonderful week

** For anyone looking to donate blood, or to check if they are eligible to donate blood, please visit Just like Autumn, so many kids require transfusions and this could not be possible without blood donations!

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