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Good evening everyone!

Our little Autumn and her family just came back from a week in Cancun, Mexico. Yes, her mom and step-dad getting married, a week in Hawaii, a week at DisneyWorld and now a week in Mexico. We’re all exhausted, but we are so happy that Autumn had an amazing time over the past few months.

She got to spend time with her mom and dad, step-mom and step-dad, her sister Olivia, her nana Karen, nana Carol and grandpa Norm, nana Stella, her uncle Connor and auntie Mikayla and uncle Tyler. That’s right, a great big family. We are all so extremely lucky to be able to share some amazing time with her.

Kiddie pool to the beach, some sunburns to watching dolphins and enjoying some prime family time, Autumn smiled and played and made friends. She can even swim now with her lifejacket all by herself.

We are all so incredibly proud of her.

Don’t forget to go book an appointment to donate blood between February 21st to the 27th, to mark the 1-year mark of Autumn’s cancer diagnosis! We’ve seen first hand what blood donations do, and we need your help! Join “Team Autumn” at

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