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Autumn's Birthday - August 28, 2022

We celebrated Autumn’s 5th birthday a few weeks early this year as we are not sure where we will be September 19th. SHE HAD SO MUCH FUN!

We had 15 kids, 1 handmade cake, 25 loving adults, dozens of gifts, and 1 unfortunate bee sting right on Autumn’s face - what a day !

Her Encanto themed party was such a success, it was so heartwarming seeing my daughter overjoyed and amazed with all her friends there. She didn’t really understand what was happening yesterday until she arrived at the party and ran to all the kids with open arms. It’s such a beautiful thing that children can have a small understanding that Autumn is ‘sick’ but put that thought totally away and just play and laugh and be so normal. We rarely see Autumn with other kids these days and yesterday was so special for all of us.

To everyone that came - thank you and we love you!

Special thanks to Lexi Nelson and Janelle Wright for letting me draft you into helping out at the party! (Lexi may have a future in professional face painting)

And of course a great big special thank you to Andrea Acton for making all of this come together. With the daily stressors and feelings of being overwhelmed with planning anything, for myself, - you were my rock and such a brilliant shining light for helping me and easing all of the details. It 100% would not have been possible without you !

Autumn’s journey with treatment continues Monday: we have her scan results which will tell us if can move forward with the original treatment plan by getting high dose chemo and her stem cells replaced back into her.

If the results are not quite as well as our team wants - we will continue with the interim treatment of immunotherapy. We’ll be in hospital all next week but the memories Autumn has of her special day are going to be a great way to keep her spirits up and remind her how much she is loved.


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