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Autumn's 5.5 birthday!

Autumn celebrated 5.5 at her favourite fine dining restaurant! Cheeseburger Happy Meal no pickles is her dish of choice!

Dara Douma, Hazelle Santos and Amanda Lopez lent us their kiddies to come and celebrate and play in the Play Place yesterday and they all had a great time! Autumn’s sister Olivia even went down the slide all by herself!

Thank you to Team Addy’s Jess for making Autumn her LOL Doll/Peppa Pig cake. The kids loved loved it!!

This morning we received our scan results from last week and there has been no change in the amount of cancer seen in December. It’s not a miracle but it’s a small win for us! We have options for treatment should we see her disease progress and with that, it will buy us more time.

Autumn will go to school next week as much as she can and will hopefully enjoy a busy summer with her friends and family !

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