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3rd round of chemotherapy - End of April 2022

Autumn finished her 3rd round of chemo on April 14th, and she was able to spend some amazing quality time at Dad and Rachels, and at Mom and Karls homes. Even though the doctors told us that this specific round would come with a higher risk of nausea and fever, our little princess battled through and she was in amazing strength and energy throughout the two weeks.

She enjoyed cutting Daddy’s hair and listen to her new favourite movie Encanto (12 times a day…), she even received a beautiful Mirabel dress WITH glasses. Her energy was strong and even certain nights she was running around the house even past 10pm.

Autumn has now taught Rachel every single word of “Bruno”, and we have a wonderful duet video included. She now plays her new game “Tiger” with mommy and Karl every single night, where Autumn and I are bunny rabbits and mommy is the hungry Scottish tiger trying to eat the rabbits (don’t ask…).

Her spirits and energy and appetite are so high and it makes us all so happy and grateful to be around her all the time. What an amazing warrior princess we have!

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